Dear Colleague,

We, Hungarian workers would like to welcome you to our country!

Based on our experience and our desire to help, we would also like to draw your attention to the fact that working in Hungary hides many dangers, for which even Hungarian workers are often not prepared. You, as a foreigner, may have very little information and experience about the Hungarian conditions, and we would like to help you.

VASAS has 140 years of experience and we are one of the biggest trade union in Hungary, an organization with the only aim to improve the working condition of our members. We have more than 20.000 members at more than 140 companies.

It is our legal responsibility and right at your workplace to negotiate with the employer and make agreements on wage increase, fringe benefits, working time, breaks, occupational safety, generally on working conditions. We treat everyone equally, doesn’t matter the nationality or form of employment. For us, it is very important that those too, who are not directly employed by the company, got the same treatment as everyone else.

We, together pursue better wages and working conditions, higher fringe benefits promote equal opportunity and fight discrimination.

With the help of our experts and lawyers, we support our members both in work related issues and in private life, it doesn't matter whether you are in trouble at work or you are struggling to get by. You can ask us if you have questions regarding your wage or working conditions, or you are not treated equally, correctly. We can represent you, we can give you advices.

But also, our members enjoy a lot of discounts on travel, on entertainment opportunities and at different shops (clothing, books, restaurants, etc.) in many places in Hungary.

If you are interested, need more information and want a safety net while you are working here, send us an email:

You are not alone among us!